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U. S. Postal Service Abbreviations used on Website

AL Alabama IN Indiana NV Nevada  SD South Dakota
AK Alaska IA  Iowa NH New Hampshire TN Tennessee
AZ  Arizona KS Kansas  NJ New Jersey TX Texas
AR Arkansas KY Kentucky NM New Mexico UT Utah
CA California LA Louisiana NY  New York VT Vermont
CO Colorado ME Maine NC North Carolina VA Virginia
CT Connecticut MD Maryland  ND North Dakota WA Washington
DE  Delaware MA Massachusetts OH Ohio WV  West Virginia
DC  District of Columbia MI Michigan OK Oklahoma WI Wisconsin
FL Florida MN Minnesota OR Oregon WY Wyoming
GA Georgia MS Mississippi PA Pennsylvania
HI Hawaii MO Missouri PR Puerto Rico
ID Idaho MT Montana RI  Rhode Island
IL Illinois NE Nebraska SC South Carolina  

Your help is appreciated in completing this directory. Below are abbreviations found in the scrapbook's newspaper clippings. Whether these are official military abbreviations or journalistic shortcuts...I am not sure.  While creating this website, it became clear that, if I couldn't decipher the acronyms, future readers might also be "lost."  I have deciphered some. 
Military Term Abbreviations What the Letters Stand For
AAAT  [? Check Vet: Drehmel]
AAF Army Air Forces
AB Aerial Bomber
AC Aviation Cadet
Armored Command
ACM [? Air Corps Machinist ? Check Vet: Dale Koger]
AE Aerial Engineer
AEM [? listed in notes for research]
AFC [? Check Mary Novacek]
AG Aerial Gunner
AM Artillery Mechanic
Aviation Mechanic
Aviation Metalsmith
Airplane Mechanic
AMM Aviation Maintenance Man [? Check Cleasby]
Aviation Machinist's Mate [Navy]
AMS Aviation Metalsmith
AN Aerial Navigator
ANC Army Nurses Corps
AOM Aviation Ordnanceman
Aviation Ordnance Machinist
AOMB Aviatiion Ordnanceman Bomber 
[?Check Harold Lee]
ARE Aircraft Radio Engineer
[? Check Laurence Payne]
ARM Aviation Radioman
AS Apprentice Seaman
Aviation Student
Armament Specialist
ASF Army Service Forces
AST [? Check Donald Pierce]
ASTP Army Specialist Training Program
BM Bosun's Mate
Boatswain Mate
CBI China-Burma-India Theater
CE [?Check Bloom ?]
CM Carpenter's Mate
[? Check Geraldine Eldridge, Harold S. Peterson, Maurice Rhude]
CO Commanding Officer
Communications Officer
C PhM Chief Pharmacist's Mate
CPO Chief Petty Officer
Cpl Corporal
CSF [? something with Seabees; Check Joern ]
EAC [? Check Sid Hall]
EH [? Check Allard Hanson]
EM Electrician's Mate
Electrical Mechanic
ETO European Theater of Operations
F Fireman
FC Fire Controlman
GM Gunner's Mate
Gun Mechanic
M Musician
MITW [? Check Everett Pederson]
MM Machinist's Mate
MMM [? Check S.F. Pawlewski]
MoMM Motor Machinist's Mate
MRS [? Check Marion Ruth]
M/Sgt Master Sergeant
NAA Naval Airship Aviator
NAC Naval Air Corps
NATC (school) [? Check Marguy McGruer]
Pfc Private First Class
Ph M Pharmacisit's Mate
PT [? Check George Jackson]
QM Quartermaster [? Check Arnold Becker]
RF [? Check Raymond Johnson]
RM Radioman
Radio Mate
Radio Mechanic
Reserve Midshipman [? Check A. Reynolds]
ROM Radio Operator-Mechanic
RT Radio Technician
Radar Trainee
SAE [? Check Burkart]
SC Ships's Cook
Scout Corporal (Field Artillery)
SF Shipfitter
SK Storekeeper
SM Signalman
Soundman (Navy)
SPARS Women's Reserve of the Coast Guard
S/Sgt Staff Sergeant
T/4 Technician Fourth Grade
T/5 Technician Fifth Grade
TM Train Machinist [? Check John Mooney, Navy]
T/Sgt Technical Sergeant
USNR United States Naval Reserve
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
WAC Women's Army Corps
WAF Women's Air Force
WASP Women's Airforce Service Pilots
WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services
United States Navy Reserve

World War II Army Air Force Ranks

Commissioned Officers Private
Second Lieutenant Private First Class
First Lieutenant Non-Commisssioned 
Captain Corporal
Major Sergeant
Lieutenant Colonel Staff Sergeant
Colonel Technical Sergeant
Brigadier General--One Star Master Sergeant
Major General--Two Stars Warrant Officer
Lieutenant General--Three Stars Note: Warrant Officer is above a Master Sergeant and warrants a salute
Four-Star General

The five star general rank was created in the midst of World War II to address the fact that several American commanders found themselves in the delicate position of supervising Allied officers of higher rank. Initially, the new rank was to be called Field Marshal, after the British military, but this was nixed due to stern (and quite understandable) objections from General George C. Marshall.

When General of the Army Omar N. Bradley died in April of 1981, the five star ranking was consigned to history. In all, four Army generals, four Navy admirals, and one Air Force general have held this rank. The Army's five star generals were General George C. Marshall, General Douglas MacArthur, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and General Omar N. Bradley. The Navy's five-star fleet admirals were Admiral William D. Leahy, Admiral Ernest J. King, Admiral Chester Nimitz, and Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey. And General Henry Arnold was the Air Force's five star general.

Who beats a five star general? A General of the Armies of the United States -- the highest military rank of all time, hands down. To date, only George Washington and John J. Pershing have held this position.

Landing Craft Designators (U.S. Navy)

LCA landing craft, assault LCT (R) landing craft, tank (rocket)
LCC landing craft, control LCV landing craft, vehicle
LCF landing craft, flak LCVP landing craft, vehicle, personnel
LC(FF) landing craft, flotilla flagship LSD landing ship, dock
LCI landing craft, infantry LSM landing ship, medium
LCI (L) landing craft, infantry (large) LSM (R) landing ship, medium (rocket)
LCM landing craft, mechanized LST landing ship, tank 
LCP landing craft, personnel LST (H) landing ship, tank, hospital 
LCR landing craft, rubber LSV landing ship, vehicle
LCS landing craft, support  LVT landing vehicle, tracked
LCS (S) landing craft, support (small) Tin Can Navy slang for a destroyer 
LCT landing craft, tank  Tin Fish Navy slang for a torpedo

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